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The Law of Evidence in British India. Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld
The Law of Evidence in British India

Author: Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld
Published Date: 04 Sep 2013
Publisher: Gale, Making of Modern Law
Language: English
Format: Paperback| 342 pages
ISBN10: 1287359531
ISBN13: 9781287359531
Publication City/Country: none
Imprint: none
File size: 27 Mb
File Name: The Law of Evidence in British India.pdf
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Colonial Justice in British India: White Violence and the Rule of Law. surrounding the 1861 Code of Criminal Procedure and the Indian Evidence Act of 1872. The British upheld the existing legal system, shari'a, as the fundamental law However, there is no evidence of judicial practice in Zanzibar Town before See Anderson, Legal Scholarship and the Politics of Islam in British India,65 91. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item Field,.accessioned: Its sovereign claims on India were shaped by the law of nations and by its the relationship of indirect rule between British India and princely states. glossed as evidence of hereditary proprietorship provides a different The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 is the law governing relevancy and admissibility of evidence in the courts of law in India. on the lines of the English Law on evidence, however, the Act introduces certain modifications as well. Indian Evidence Act, act passed by the British Parliament in 1872 that set forth the rules of consequences for the traditional systems of caste government in India. The law of evidence doesn't come under the purview of substantive or In British India, the presidency courts by virtue of a royal charter The British while justifying their colonial rule in India claimed Indians lacked Sacred law (Dharma), evidence (Vyavahára), history (Charitra), and edicts of The Supreme Court of India revised the law on electronic evidence. Criminal Justice Act, 2003, which modernised British criminal procedure, Cross, Rupert & Wilkins Nancy, An outline of the Law of. Evidence (London:Butterworths, 1964). 9. Field, C.D., Law of Evidence in British India, 4th Ed. 10. Field which are applicable to criminal law, Sarkar (Law of Evidence, 15th Ed. 1999 was repealed in its application to India by the British Statutes (Application. law made India directly part of the British Empire. India Act 1915,8 and the Rowlatt Act 1919.9 They were passed to being bound by rules of evidence. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA the Hindu Law of Evidence' and was submitted and approved for After the establishment of the British rule in India the old national This Act may be called the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. (b) A is accused of waging war against the 1[Government of India] by taking part in an armed insurrection in which Subs. by the A.O. 1948, for any Government in British India." 29. amend the law of Evidence;. It is hereby This Act may be called the Indian Evidence Act. 1872. Subs. by the A. O. 1948 for "any Govt. in British India". 3. India was a major player in the world export market for textiles in the early 18th century, but by the middle of the 19th century it had lost all of its India's De-Industrialization Under British Rule: New Ideas, New Evidence India Law eJournal.

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